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Before you get braces

Locate an orthodontist in your area with whom you feel comfortable.
Chess Smile Braces

The Dr. will explain about your Chess Braces

Tell your orthodontist that you would like to wear the New Chessmile braces during your treatment and they will contact us to order your case. Before your initial visit be sure you print out our order form in case your orthodontist doesn’t know about Chessmile.

Chessmile Braces can be worn by kids and adults in any phase of the Orthodontic treatment due to its smart anatomical design combining the shape of the chess pieces and the shape of teeth. Chessmile braces are easy to clean up and make your treatment  enjoyable.

Ask for Chessmile Braces

Chessmile braces are available in three orthodontics prescriptions
The 32 Pieces

The 32 Pieces

It is quite a coincidence that there are 32 teeth in a complete set of permanent teeth and a game of chess begins with 32 pieces.
A Beautiful Smile

A Beautiful Smile

Likewise, a healthy set of straight teeth gives one a beautiful smile. Chessmile combines both of these esthetics.


Now, anyone who needs braces can have them in the shape of any combination of chess pieces, such as a castle, pawn endgame, rook, etc.

Make your treatment enjoyable

with CHESSMILE™ Braces